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Gravier in Czech Republic

We are honored to be able to introduce French cosmetics and cleaning products to customers in the Czech Republic. The Laboratoire Gravier brand is a respected name in France and a popular choice for customers, and we believe you will love it too.

Below you can read a brief history of this French brand:

The birth of a responsible project

Jean Gravier founded Laboratoire Gravier more than 45 years ago, on farmland in the South of France, with the aim of helping everyone live better by connecting people to the planet. In 1975, the laboratory opened its first production lines with the idea of making locally and organically farmed products accessible to as many people as possible.

A pioneer in organic manufacturing, the laboratory was involved in the joint creation of the first organic specifications for cosmetics and cleaning products; these were released in the 1990s. It thus undertook to push back the limits of development and eco-design for organic-certified products. The laboratory has always endeavoured to advance its expertise and formulation excellence to push back the limits and provide its consumers with outstanding products.

It was with this sustainable philosophy that Jean Gravier created the world’s first organic-certified ecodetergent in 1997; one year later, he devised the first organic-certified cosmetic product.

Laboratoire Gravier’s history is also that of a family, in which know-how was passed down from father to son. Jean-François, the founder’s son, has a PhD in pharmacy and an engineering degree in botany. Passionate about this field since he was a young child, he successfully upheld his father’s environmental commitments and took over for him 25 years later.

More than 45 years later...

Today, with over 45 years of experience and innovations, the laboratory’s commitments remain intact: organic manufacturing is a philosophy, and ecology drives progress.

These strong commitments are enhanced by agricultural and botanical expertise ensuring a careful selection of raw materials favouring organic and local agriculture and the choice of organic and fair-trade supply chains.

The strength of Laboratoire Gravier also lies in its scientific and pharmaceutical rigour and expert knowledge, guaranteeing the production of healthy products meeting the very highest standards. Laboratoire Gravier ensures French production and rigorous quality control for eco-designed, biodegradable products formulated under pharmaceutical supervision containing very high concentrations of active ingredients. They do not contain any controversial ingredients.

Thanks to the above, Laboratoire Gravier is dedicated, day in and day out, to pushing back the limits of organic quality, naturalness, safety, concentration and eco-friendliness.

Today, Laboratoire Gravier is a human-sized company whose environmental and societal commitments continue to be geared towards progress in order to provide consumers with excellence and participate in the ecological transition


With purity from nature